We specialize in trading crude oil, refined products, natural gas, and renewable energy. Our combined risk management, leading technology and human capital have enabled us to become a significant presence in the global energy complex.

Oil & Gas

Natural Gas

Renewable Energy

 BAAL-Perazim Resources, formerly Resources Perazim;

Was rebranded to capture our renewed focus and our new carbon based energy product lines.


BAAL-Perazim Resources, LLC is agile & dynamic in our approach, delivering world-class products to our diverse customer base.

Our model is based on organic growth and strategic partnerships both for trading opportunities and asset origination.

 Operating worldwide, we understand that every market is different. We work with our customers to identify and develop solutions which work best for them, helping them manage physical risk and optimize opportunities.

Our mission is to be the leading diversified energy company – by providing reliable, clean, affordable and innovative energy products.


Refining coal to fuel renewable energy

BAAL Perazim Resources is a diversified coal, oil and gas and renewable energy company, which produces and markets coal, oil and gas from their own North American mines. In addition, BAAL aligns itself with responsible coal and gas resource owners outside the United States ensuring that all such joint practices do not infringe on human rights and do not harm the environment. BAAL is committed to implementing practices that promote sustainable and efficient use of natural resources.

BAAL’s entered into an agreement with CVMR Corporation for the use of their coal conversion technologies, in 2018. CVMR has assisted BAAL in the  production of carbon-based nanomaterials. As a result, we now have the potential to support the renewable energy sector. CVMR’s proprietary processes can incorporate coal as a source of inexpensive feed material to produce high-value sophisticated products. In addition to graphene and graphite, CVMR can refine coal into over 22 other sophisticated materials.

Since 2018 BAAL has been using CVMR Corporation’s proprietary technologies in coal conversion for the production of graphene and graphite used in the manufacture of Super-Capacitors, Super-Conductors, rechargeable batteries and armoured plates. All derived from BAAL’s coal mines in the United State. We are now in the process of incorporating CVMR’s modular CO2 conversion unites in our clients’ oil refineries and manufacturing plants.


Oil & Gas

Every day we use our expertise and logistical networks to distribute energy around the world, efficiently and responsibly.



Natural Gas

BAAL-Perazim Resources’ expertise in natural gas supply management allows us to provide full-service, cost-effective, reliable natural gas to a variety of industrial, commercial and retail end-users.

Renewable Energy

From development to construction to operations, we create projects that benefit communities for decades.




BAAL-Perazim Resources places significant importance on having a strong, independent Risk Management Group charged with signing off all material risk acceptance decisions. BAAL-Perazim Resources has invested in recruiting skilled professionals, including those with trading or investment banking experience.

  • Ownership of risk at the business level
  • Understanding the worst Case Outcomes
  • Independent sign-off by risk management group

We deliver steady performance for clients in the World’s largest capital market, even in challenging conditions and a competitive landscape.

Commitment to High International Standards

In all our physical operations we seek to work with partners which share our commitment to high international standards of operation. The infrastructure upon which we rely, from ships to jetties storage, is subject to our due diligence processes.

Energy & Commodities

BAAL-Perazim Resources’ commitment to deliver the right solution ensures the success of our clients and strategic partners. Our culture is built around a core nucleus of commodity trading systems and career-long implementation experts. We possess the knowledge and expertise required for big challenges and have a track record for executing projects on time and on budget.

Market Commentary & Analysis

Our team of expert Analysts provides trusted insight into future price and trends of commodities. Our team keeps their finger on the pulse of latest research and resources. Let our pricing knowledge inform your business planning and growth.


It is our Logistics Team’s mission to offer you smart and efficient logistic solutions

We offer a wide range of logistics solutions such as inland shipping, agency support, transshipment, road transportation and much more.

As a multimodal transport operator, BAAL-Perazim Resources offers the transportation of goods under a single contract, regardless of the means of transport.

We are able to do this by rail, sea or road, working closely with trustworthy sub-carriers. Our expertise and chain management approach enables us to provide tailored logistics solutions while ensuring the continuous movement of goods along the most efficient routes. In short, we take care of everything.

Road Transportation:
We offer various means of road transportation, such as silo bulk, tank and/or conventional transport. We utilize trusted sub-carriers to accommodate any requirement. Our network provides insurance and equipped with the latest technology, GPS tracking and in-cab communications. Whatever your transportation challenges, we can take care of them.

We ensure efficient port and transportation operations. Our local knowledge of ports is an advantage to vessel owners and operators as part of our ships agency expertise.

Air Charter:
In addition to land movements, BAAL-Perazim Resources has a network of cargo air charters that can expedite your shipment.

Logistics Experts:
Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring end-to-end customer service. We specialize in the most volatile and remote locations. There is no challenge to large for our team. We keep your precious resources safe and on-time.

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